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July 2017 Snapshot

july 17

Aired on Proton Radio 16.07.2017

1.Cazap & Boskis & Esteban Abramovich – Sahara’s Journey (PABLoKEY Remix) [KMT Records]
2.Niko Christo & Synas – Icarus (John D Remix) [Beat Block Records]
3.Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic – Witchcraft (Jimmy Van M & Ernesto Romeo Remix) [ICONYC]
4.Piek, Hokhok – Avalanche (Eelke Kleijn Remix) [Sincopat]
5.Binaryh – Algorithm (aacht Remix) [Steyoyoke]
6.Li-Polymer – Conventu [ICONYC]
7.Philipp Kempnich – Golden Meadow [Einmusika Recordings]
8.Darin Epsilon – One Thousand & One Nights (Ejaz Ahamed Remix) [Perspectives Digital]
9.Magnetic Brothers – Remedy (Jimmy Roqsta Remix) [Euanthe Records]
10.Hrederik – Addicted [Think Different Music]

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Classic Progressive Journey 001 2017


My Classic Progressive Journey 001 set as aired on pure.FM 01.07.2017

1.16B feat. Morel – Escape (Driving To Heaven) (Intro Edit)
2.Echomen – Substance (Original Mix)
3.Interflow – Storyreel (Satoshi Tomiie Dub Mix)
4.Spacetribe – Warped (Louis Strange’s Spectre Mix)
5.Luke Slater – Nothing At All (King Unique’s Chocolate Orange)
6.Killer Loop – The Blue Hour
7.Funk D’Void – Diabla (Heavenly Mix)
8.Microbots – Cosmic Evolution (Timo Maas Mix)
9.Brett Johnson – Stucco Homes (D’s 12 Inch edit)
10.Slam Featuring Tyrone ‘Visionary’ Palmer – Lifetimes

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June 2017 Snapshot

june 17

Aired on Proton Radio 18.06.2017

1.Gheist – Rufos [Last Night On Earth]
2.Artem Kalalb – Bicep [Particles]
3.S.Kull feat. Evelina Lu – Power People (Jonas Saalbach Remix) [Sirion Records]
4.MAS – Edgecliff Point [Hydrogen]
5.Irene Radice – Find the Future (Bay Of Fires Remix) [ICONYC]
6.Che Armstrong & Charlie Alpha – Waiting for You (Midge Remix) [Axon]
7.Erdi Irmak – Return of the Wolf [ICONYC]
8.Moon Boots – The Life Aquatic (Ian Pooley Kreuz Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
9.Dahu & MPathy – Sonder (Soul Button Remix) [Steyoyoke]
10.Rodriguez Jr. – Baobab [Mobilee Records]

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May 2017 Snapshot

may 17

Aired on Proton Radio 21.05.2017

1.Li-Polymer – Crystal Serenity [Particles]
2.Pete Oak – Ventus [Blindfold Recordings]
3.Guided By Noises – Bad Faith [Amber Recordings]
4.Ri Za – Common Form [ICONYC]
5.Soul Button – Secret Sense [Steyoyoke]
6.HDMX – Signal From The Sun (BOg remix) [Canal Auditif]
7.Danito & Athina – Hydra (Sous Sol Remix) [Crossfrontier Audio]
8.Dee Montero – Halcyon [Diynamic Music]
9.WhoMadeWho – Traces (Agents Of Time Remix) [Click Records]
10.Alex Niggemann – Legacy [Aeon Audio]

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April 2017 Snapshot

april 17

Aired on Proton Radio 16.04.2017

1.Tuxedo & Monojoke – Neuro Sonic (Inkfish Remix) [ICONYC]
2.Rory Gallagher, James Trystan – Artemis [Mr. Moutarde Records]
3.Michael A – High (Morttagua Remix) [Particles]
4.R.Y.U – Metric [Opium Muzik]
5.Marco Feddora – Alternatives [Axon]
6.Andre Sobota – Altitude (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [ICONYC]
7.Diesen ft. Luna – Mind Thing (AMANIC & Ming [GER] Remix) [Audio Safari]
8.MINTZ – In a Lonely Place (Oliver Lieb Remix) [Particles]
9.Danny Lloyd – Arapaima (Navid Mehr Remix) [ICONYC]
10.Erase Me – Black Hill (Modeplex Remix) [TRAUM Schallplatten]

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March 2017 Snapshot

march 17

Aired on Proton Radio 19.03.2017

1.Armen Miran – Save My Soul (Britta Unders & Budakid Remix) [Underyourskin Records]
2.Howling – Phases [Counter Records]
3.Novakk – Starlight [Sincopat]
4.Eu Bolos – Everyone Wants A Part (2 Sides Of Soul Remix) [Audio Safari]
5.Pirupa – Solo [Monaberry]
6.CIOZ – 5 Hours [Einmusika Recordings]
7.Pauke Schaumburg – Spirit [EIN2]
8.Franz Alice Stern – Glory Way [Traum]
9.Silar – Noir Et Blanc (Arzuk Remix) [Bullfinch]
10.Danito & Athina – Butterfly [Time Has Changed Records]

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Snapshot on Proton Radio


Tune in to my Snapshot show, exclusively on Proton Radio on the 3rd Sunday of every month.  3pm EST, 8pm GMT.

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February 2017 Snapshot

feb 17

1.Rafael Cerato, Jäger – Reset Ft-.John M (Animal Picnic Remix) [Click Records]
2.Lunar Plane – Mona (Arzuk Remix) [Mr. Moutarde Records]
3.Paul Ursin – Secret Sun [Noir Music]
4.Fidia, Abner – Melantha [Yaww recordings]
5.Reinier Zonneveld – Abstinence (Oliver Koletzki Remix) [Stil vor Talent]
6.Aaryon, Animal Picnic – Velera [Einmusika Recordings]
7.Emi Galvan – Dreams (Juan Astudillo Remix) [KMT Records]
8.Madcas – Birth [Morphosis Records]
9.Heinrich & Heine – Microcosmic (John Lead Remix) [Amber Blue Recordings]
10.Alex Stein, Spuri – Cruise Control [Sincopat]

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Snapshot 15/01/17 @ Proton Radio

jan 17

1.A Skitzo – Atlantis (Mark Slee Remix) [Submarine Vibes]
2.Brian Cid – La Luna Me Mira [Extinct Records]
3.Madloch – Circle (Dahu Remix) [Sound Avenue]
4.Night Talk, Nuemp – Binary Division [AYM]
5.One Less Of Them – Solace [Substation Recordings]
6.Javier Orduna, Bambook – Paloma (Quina Remix) [Culprit]
7.Julian Jeweil – Midi [Form Music]
8.Philipp Kempnich – Red Line [Ploetzlich Musik]
9.Dorian Craft – Anaca [Glasgow Underground]
10.Rob Hes – The Solution [Tronic]

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Andrew Best – Snapshot 18/12/16 @ Proton Radio


I’d like to say a huge thank you for listening to my shows this year!  Tune into on the 3rd Sunday of every month to hear my “Snapshot” show, exclusively first.

1.Miguel Tavares – When Spirits Talk [Chocolat Records]
2.Savvas – Haunting Melodies (Jelly for the Babies Remix) [Submarine Vibes]
3.Andhim – German Winter [Superfriends Records]
4.Olivier Giacomotto – Le Cap [Noir Music]
5.Moonwalk – Landscape [Suara]
6.Nils Penner – Velcoro (SevenDoors ‘Whale’ Mix) [Musica Autonomica]
7.Butch, C.Vogt – Bliss [Rebirth]
8.Third Son – Film Score (Rauschhaus Remix)[Parquet Recordings]
9.Fabio Montana – Ortygia (Love Over Entropy Repatterning) [microCastle]
10.Lonya – The Girl From Raanana (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]

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