Andrew Best – November 2015 Snapshot



1.Of Norway Ft. Linnea Dale – Spirit Lights (Adriatique Remix)
2.Petros Odin & Mattik – Sound of Water (Mark Slee’s Shinjuku Rain Dub)
3.Smash TV – Cascadia
4.Alex Niggemann – Luminance
5.David Granha – Tessitura
6.German Brigante – So Good (Dub Mix)
7.Darin Epsilon – One Thousand & One Nights
8.Modular Project – Into the Woods
9.Julio Navas – Organic
10.Solee – Bonkers (Third Son Remix)

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Rikki Sawyer – Numb (On The Inside) (Andrew Best Outsider Mix)

00) Rikki Sawyer - Numb (On The Inside) (Remix Edition) Art

Buy this release at Beatport:…-edition/1632482

[2015-10-26] [BC2074] ”Rikki Sawyer – Numb (On The Inside) (Remix Edition)”


01) Rikki Sawyer – Numb (On The Inside) (Lateral Cut Groove Remix)
02) Rikki Sawyer – Numb (On The Inside) (Andrew Best Remix)
03) Rikki Sawyer – Numb (On The Inside) (GH Remix)…-edition/1632482…OP23zD6cE-op7sxL1

[BC2074] ”Rikki Sawyer – Numb (On The Inside) (Remix Edition)” Preview

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Andrew Best – October 2015 Snapshot



1.Solee & Boss Axis – Still Here (FABLES! Remix)
2.Nick Galemore – Désolé
3.Artsever – Long Awakening
4.Habischman – The Moment (Soul Button Remix)
5.Animal Trainer – Error But Trial (Einmusik Remix)
6.Javier Logares & Kaarel – Something Behind The Beauty
7.Madloch – Bluebird Day
8.Kuriose Naturale – Can’t Decide
9.Rikki Sawyer – Numb (On The Inside) (Andrew Best Outsider Mix)
10.Novakk – Castor

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Andrew Best – September 2015 Snapshot

September snapshot SC


1.Brian Cid – Double Vision

2.Rodriguez Jr. – Chrysalism

3.Nick Devon – Anything Ft. Shane Blackshaw (Live Mix)

4.Santiago Garcia – Touch The Table

5.Kobana – Freefall

6.Delskiz – Soundscaper (Ki.Mi Remix)

7.Terranova – Tell Me Why Ft. Stereo MC’s (Re.You Remix)

8.Lundgren – A

9.FreakMe – Float Away (Instrumental)

10.Marc Romboy – Hypernova (Stephan Bodzin Remix)

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Andrew Best – Spooky Action/The Faceless Man [MTPF018]


After two previous outings for MTPF remixing Smight and Vlada D’Shake, we are delighted to welcome back Andrew Best with his first original productions for the label. The first of two tracks on offer is Spooky Action, a deep, bass driven house track which is laced with texture. It’s lethargic melody is the ideal complement in a superb, tripped out breakdown. The Faceless Man takes a more direct route, adding intensity to the release. Taking influence from the current techno sound while fusing elements of tech and progressive house, Andrew crafts the most peak time and diverse track of his career to date.

Available now at Beatport.


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Lexicon Avenue & Andrew Best Ft. Slim Wall – Slide

PSDI 035

Available now at Beatport.


The 35th release on Darin Epsilon’s Perspectives Digital is a special collaboration between legendary producer Lexicon Avenue, Andrew Best, and vocalist Slim Wall. Perhaps best known for his Depeche Mode ‘Only When I Lose Myself’ interpretation, Chris Scott of Lexicon Avenue has been on the cutting edge of electronic music for over 10 years. He boasts a discography which includes releases on Audio Therapy, Hooj Choons, Ministry of Sound, Mute, Renaissance, and Yoshitoshi. UK producer Andrew Best spent many years collaborating with Lexicon Avenue and Mic Burns of Blue Haze fame before beginning a successful solo endeavor in 2013.

Long noted for their timeless approach to club grooves, Lexicon Avenue and Andrew Best have crafted another haunting composition in ‘Slide’. Layered beats, delicate rhythms, and indistinct atmospheres set the stage for Slim Wall’s stunning vocals. Effortless and lush, they play off the well carved foundation perfectly, while a subtle motif initiates the breakdown. Warm swells and misty atmospheres make for a poignant interlude, foreshadowing the elegant conclusion to come. A charming production from Lexicon Avenue and Andrew Best which will stand the test of time for many years to come.

The first interpretation of ‘Slide’ is provided by Lithuanian producer Kastis Torrau. As one of the country’s foremost talents and winner of Sasha’s Burn Studios remix competition, Kastis continues to be one of the underground’s most in demand artists. His ‘Slide’ interpretation is sure to be a standout in his discography with its energetic, club friendly vibe leading the charge. Anchored by tough, syncopated beats and a smooth harmonic groove, it builds effortlessly with Slim Wall’s lush vocals adding an elegant touch along the way. A well crafted breakdown adds dramatic tension, furthering the sonic scope before a rush of crystalline noise washes the atmosphere away for a tasteful drop.

The final interpretation of ‘Slide’ is provided by UK talent Joseph Thomas Price, better known as Third Son, who is making his first appearance on the label. Less than a year into his third production alias, he has already found a home on Suara, Noir Music, and Definitive Recordings. Danny Tenaglia and Maceo Plex have been two of his biggest supporters and he’s turned in a fabulous interpretation of ‘Slide’ for his Perspectives debut. Its brooding groove and storyboard of haunting stabs provides an engaging journey. A dubbier take on the vocal elements allows the contemporary designs to excel and provides a rousing conclusion to the release. A wonderful remix from one of this year’s brightest stars. Don’t miss it.

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A.r.e.s – Ultraviolet (Andrew Best Remix) ESR019


The labels nineteenth release and our 1st year anniversary, we celebrate this with a new debut for A.r.e.s from Argentina. Ultraviolet is a deep, moody progressive house track with cool sounding electronics and melodies. For remix duties we bring back Ian Dillon, Andrew Best & Dominic Carr who all put an excellent spin on the original.



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Andrew Best – July 2015 Snapshot

snapshot2015 july DNA


1.Maxxi Soundsystem – In The Woods
2.Jonas Saalbach & Tschoris – Walking In The Shadow
3.Ran Salman – Tales
4.Lemmon – Panvogel (Miyagi Remix)
5.SevenDoors – Movement of Whale
6.Andrew Best – Spooky Action
7.Arqana – Myalism
8.Cristoph – Moments
9.A.R.E.S – Ultraviolet (Andrew Best Remix)
10.Sabb – One Of Us feat. Forrest (Dennis Ferrer Remix)

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Shai T – Break Out (Andrew Best Remix)



The labels sixteenth release, we showcase the outstanding talent Shai T with his original track “Break Out”. A groovy progressive house track with a real feel good vibe. On remix duties we have welcome returns for Mathew Lynch & Andrew Best, who both deliver excellent interpretations of the original.

Grab your copy here:

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Andrew Best – June 2015 Snapshot



1.Super Flu – Between Three Quarter Bars (Ole Biege Remix)
2.Martin dp – All Illusion
3.Hugo Brown – Everlast
4.Arnas D – Satellite
5.Shai T – Break Out (Andrew Best Remix)
6.Einmusik – Night Train
7.Schlepp Geist – The Suffer Between
8.Joshua Jesse, Midas 104 – Hommage
9.Tim Engelhardt – Everything Is All You have
10.Olderic – Alma (Christian Prommer Remix)
11.Gardens Of God – Zulu

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